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Raspberry Pi Internet radio in wooden design

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The complete image of my SD card and the electronic schematic can be downloaded here.

–> Download <–

Raspberry Pi internet radio image download  – 2,6GB  updated 01.09.2014

username:  pi                                                                                                                                                      password: rasp

Please note the hardware will only run on a Raspberry Pi Model B revision 2,
since certain GPIO on the rev.1 or rev.2 B+ is not available.

Please note that the two resistors R42 and R43 “pull up resistance”                                         must be removed for proper operation, see (image-003)                                                                       EXIT switch (hidden switch) see (image – 004 and – 005)
The middle button is for the EXIT function, making it possible to exit the program                    (only the radio will be shut down) while the raspberry itself will continue to run and you can make changes to the system, e.g. software update, channel list change and so on.

The components used are all standard componentsno exotics were used.

Modified: 01.09.2014                                                                                                                                       sorce code available via download

Modified: 22.10.2014                                                                                                                                       Parts list available via download. currently only german!   Stückliste.xls in excel format

Modified: 29.10.2014                                                                                                                                          The St_Radio „start scrip file is located in /etc/init.d/ and is for the startup                                  of the web radio /home/pi/MyRadiog/  and run the                                                                                   executable file radiog which is the actual program.

Technical data:

  • Energy consumption with amplifier in the switched state about 6 watts.                         In standby 0 watt + the power supply used idle consumption of.
  • Standalone Internet radio
  • GLC display 128×64
  • True hardware power off switch
  • Main switch ( disconnection from power ~ 240 volts )
  • USB socket ( for mp3 playback )
  • LAN connector ( RJ45 network „Internet“ )
  • Amplifier 2 x 1W RMS
  • volume control manually
  • Rotary encoder with push button (selection with confirmation button)
  • 3 x button ( On / Off „hardware power off“ | hidden button „Exit“ | menu )


more pictures              click –>  here  <– click

raspberry003 raspberry031 image – 001  Standalone Internet radio               image – 002  GLC display 128×64

  raspberry019                      raspberry012  image – 003                                                                     image – 004

Internetradio Raspberry_001                                                                                      image – 005


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